Leave such a beast running constantly!

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Global warming is caused by emissions of carbon dioxide, which trap heat so it can’t escape the atmosphere. Although cars, factories and power plants do most of the damage, the computer is at least partly to blame. A PC uses 200 to 400 watts, depending on its configuration and use. By comparison, a refrigerator uses about 725 watts, but a DVD player uses only 25 watts, and your TV is right around 100 watts. A high-performance gaming rig with a powerful graphics card, multiple hard drives and optical drives, a flash memory reader, and a 30-inch LCD might consume as much as 750 watts! So, leave such a beast running constantly and you might see an extra $40 to $50 on your monthly electrical bill… Isn’t it amazing!


Check out Save Our Tigers | Join the Roar

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Title: Save Our Tigers | Join the Roar
Link: http://gotaf.socialtwist.com/redirect?l=-651518324609423462011

Gantt Chart in Project Management

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Gantt Chart History

The Gantt Chart was invented by Henry Laurence Gantt during the 1910’s. He passed away in 1919, but in the 1920’s, his charts started becoming an accepted visual aid for the progression and tracking of a project. By the 1950’s, his charts were being used in many major projects all over world.
He created the first Gantt chart for planning building ships in the times of First World War. The chart proved to be a powerful analytical instrument that it had not undergone any changes for many years. It was only in 90s of the last century when link lines between tasks were added to the Gantt chart.

Gantt Chart in Project Management

Load Charts and Project Planning Charts. Windows and Mac OS X Software.
Load Charts is the type of chart is useful for manufacturing projects during peak or heavy load periods. The format of Gantt Load Chart is very similar to the Gantt Project Planning Chart but, in this case, uses time as well as departments, machines or employees that have been scheduled.
Project Planning Chart addresses the time of individual work elements giving a time line for each activity of a project. As it can be seen in the figure. On the chart, everyone is able to see when each activity starts and finishes but there is no possibility to determine when each activity may start or if we can start a particular activity before finishing the immediate predecessor activity. Therefore, we need somehow know the precedence relationships between activities. This is the main reason for using the following tools instead of using exclusively Gantt Charts.

Visual Representation of Gantt Chart

Using the Gantt Chart software you can create and manage projects of unlimited size and length. Add and distribute as many resources as you need for your project.
Benefits of Gantt Chart Software for Windows and Mac OS X
• Speed – to make changes
• Flexibility – to look at alternatives
• Track many projects, each with many tasks
• Set and track milestones for your projects
• Communication – print reports or send software file to stakeholders or post results on web site
• Accuracy

If anybody has a more elaborate details regarding the above feel free to respond…

CISCO can rule 2010…

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Yes, the title may strike all. Bust it’s true, Cisco Kicks Off 2010 With Acquisition Of Network Security Startup Rohati. At the beginning of the year, Cisco quietly opened up its purse strings once again to acquire data center security start up Rohati Systems for an undisclosed amount. As per the previous records, Cisco has acquired many big giants in recent past as following:

> China’s largest cable companies, DVN, for $44.5 million
> ScanSafe for $183 million
> Mobile networking infrastructure provider Starent Networks, for 2.9 billion in 2009
> Video-conferencing company Tandberg, for $3 billion in September, 2009

Now the current company which have just into this list is California based Data Centre/ Management Company ‘Rohati Systems, Inc’. Intially this company was founded by five former Cisco engineers to provide data center and cloud security. Its Transaction Networking Systems (TNS) helps enable secure collaboration and policies for controlling access to data center and cloud resources without touching applications, servers, or operating systems.
Rohati has made a big push recently towards security in the cloud, so perhaps Cisco will be using the startup’s technology to offer clients increased cloud-based security options. Cisco’s security offerings also got a boost from the company’s acquisition of ScanSafe late last year.
The great news is Cisco is one of the most significant IT company, where the employee attrition rate is minimum.
It can be concluded that CISCO is going to make a revolutionary change in the International Business Management in near future with it’s strong company acquisition skill and dedicated employeebase.

Now which company is in the list of the Shopping addicted CISCO!!

Let’s see…

Biggest Salary hikes in 2010 of India

January 13, 2010 2 comments

As per the survey report, India is going to see the highest salary hikes in 2010. Salaries in China will increase by 6.7%, in Indonesia salary will rise by 8.7%, whereas workers in Japan can expect only 2.1 percent pay rise, according to the survey by Hewitt Associates. Approximately 10% hikes are expected, but on the contrary the employee attrition rates have also started increasing! As per Mr. Prateek Kumar – Wipro, HR, the attrition rate is 17.5% which has been rounded off to 18%. In the previous quarter it was at 17.1%.
So, what for all the Indians are going on…. For security or just for Ever increasing salary hike?

The factors those influence Change to Management Style

As per the Busienss Experts, there are mainly 2 crucial factors which plays a big role in this aspect.
The most important change is that the nature of work has gradually evolved from manual labor to knowledge work. Workers have become much better educated and they do not respond well to being ordered around. Formerly, the managers were responsible to give orders and the juniors do the needful accordingly, but day by day the situation has been changed a bit and the managers need to be accessible to the others than before, he shoild mix himself with them but maintaining a certain official decorum inside the office. As the life become faster, so everybody search for something fun and excitement after a hectic work pressure daily. This is also the common space for the managers to know his fellow workers and to judge their mentality as well.
The second major change that has affected management style is the splitting of the basic management purpose into two sub-goals. The original one was simply to get things done efficiently. The new one is to foster innovation to create a viable future for the business. When the focus was solely on getting things done, the manager could tell employees what to do. But you can’t tell people to be creative. They must be stimulated to think creatively and supported in these efforts. This requirement again forces managers to be more facilitative than controlling and directive.
A crucial secondary consideration that is really a corollary of the first two is the fact that employees with highly developed specialist skills are more mobile than other kinds of workers and no organization can afford to annoy them excessively. Otherwise they will lose them. The overall result of these changes has been a profound shift in the balance of power from manager to employee. Again, these changes have not been uniform because only some industries are highly knowledge based and need regular innovation to survive.

Management Efficiency

Despite the emergence of innovation as a second major focus for managers, their primary role is still to get the best return out of all resources at their disposal. They are like investors in this sense and this fact has never changed. It is mainly about how they invest and develop human resources that is new. Now they need to strike a balance between being facilitators and directors. They need to be supportive and encouraging in order to motivate employees effectively but they still need to retain a fair degree of control over what is done and how it is achieved in order to maximize efficiency, that is to make the best possible use of all resources.